You, Me + The Bear | Star Map
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Star Map

Work in progress. After returning from our 2.5 year round the world adventure I really wanted to create something as a keepsake for our journey. Rather than doing the typical map drawing I decided to do a star map instead. Each point in the constellation marks a country we had visited. The large star marks home and the line marks the equator. I had thoughts of flipping it in order for it to be a true constellation view looking up from the earth, but rather liked how when layed down on a world map would still mark the proper locations. So instead we’re looking down from above it. I carried the idea through to other objects of affection and items that represent the work we do while on the road, as well as our bikes and gear of course. I’m hoping to do some letterpress style prints and maybe a T-shirt print of the map. Stay tuned.


Illustration, Print Design